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Board of Directors Member
Title:Board of Directors Member


This volunteer position provides governance and leadership of Career Path Services on behalf of the agency’s customer groups, fund sources and employees. Their expertise directs Career Path Services’ activities to fulfill our mission, vision and purpose. The Board of Directors is legally and ethically responsible for the organization. Among their responsibilities are ensuring sound financial practices, goals and policies developing and nurturing the organization’s resources and maintaining quality executive leadership. Capable Directors reflect the diversity of the communities and clientele served by Career Path Services.  They are committed to a progressive, productive and friendly work environment for all customers and employees.


To assist the organization’s fiscal viability, members of the board shall support the organization through the donation of time, talents, and treasure. Understanding that each of us has different capacity for financial giving, members are encouraged to give at the level at which they can afford.


  1. Regularly attend board meetings and related committee meetings.
  2. Stay informed about Board and committee issues, prepare for Board meetings, and review and comment on meeting minutes and reports.
  3. Adhere to parliamentary procedures for meetings as outlined by Robert’s Rules of Order.
  4. Fiscal and finance responsibilities:
    1. Determine Absolute and Routine priorities for the Reserve Fund and authorizes uses of funds not pre-approved under Global Policy 19- Procurement, Cost, Control and Signature Authority.
    2. The Board of Directors will approve investments in bonds, stocks, mutual funds or other marketable securities (other than bank money market accounts).
    3. Establish the authorization level of the CEO for Reserve Fund expenditures and acts upon all single purchase requests above that limit (see GP19 ).
    4. Authorize the CEO to enter into contractual relationships and agreements with fund sources.
    5. Hire an audit firm to conduct an annual agency-wide audit. Review the audit report to determine the soundness and integrity of agency operations.
    6. Act upon requests from the CEO to enter into office and equipment leases, when those annual commitments exceed the CEO’s authorization limits.
    7. Approve all new fringe benefits.
    8. Review and act upon the CEO’s request of Reserve Funds to address the necessary cash flow needs of the organization.
  5. Personnel responsibilities:
    1. Approve employee salary ranges and major changes to the employee fringe benefit package.
    2. Receive and resolve formal employee grievances and any formal written grievance against the CEO.
    3. Review and act upon a reduction in force plan submitted by the CEO
    4. Evaluate the CEO’s performance annually.
  6. Administrative and Organizational responsibilities:
    1. Approve newly created global policies.
    2. Approve the elimination or combination of global policies.
    3. Approve the authority level change for employees in a global policy.
    4. Approve the change in purpose of a global policy.
    5. Participate in developing long term agency goals and strategic plans.
    6. Offer guidance to Career Path Services’ senior management on risk management issues to protect the organization from undue exposure to liability.
    7. Advocate on Behalf of the organization, consistent with approved advocacy agenda
    8. Read and be familiar with applicable policies, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Conflict of Interest.


  1. Serve as the Chief Volunteer of Career Path Services.
  2. Provide leadership to the Board of Directors by encouraging Board participation in strategic planning, long-term goal setting and achievement, and CEO performance reviews.
  3. Chair Board meetings using an agenda developed with the CEO.
  4. Sign required corporate documents, agreements and contracts.
  5. Appoint chairpersons of committees, in consultation with other Board members, as needed.
  6. Serve ex officio as a member of all committees and attends their meetings, as needed.
  7. Serve as the first point of contact for the CEO to discuss issues confronting the organization.
  8. Guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns.
  9. Lead the evaluation process of CEO performance, including determining salary increases, disciplinary actions and dismissal.
  10. Lead the recruiting and hiring process for a CEO.
  11. Informally evaluate the effectiveness of Board members.
  12. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.


  1. Oversee and ensure effective management of the organization records and documents related to Board activities.
  2. Serve as a second signatory to the Chair, as needed.
  3. May preside over Board meetings when the Chair is absent, as needed.
  4. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.


  1. All Board members elected to office after April 15, 2015, may serve a three year term, with one renewal.
  2. Attend four Board meetings per year, Last Thursday of January, April, July, and September, 11:15 am-1:30 pm. Meetings held in Spokane, WA. Travel expenses reimbursed by the organization.
  3. See the Career Path Service By-Laws for more.
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